Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trophy Time

"BSHS 2010 Junior Math Excellence"
"BSHS 2010 Outstanding 11th Grade Science Student"
"BSHS 2010 American History Student of the Year"
Is it okay to say we're proud of this young man? Because we are!!
We're so happy he's worked hard in the classroom. Now he could use some encouragement to meet his next goal - Eagle Scout. (Any project ideas, anyone?)


Brad said...

STEVEN!! I like you like a brother, you little geek. (You can't spell 'geek' without EE :)

Delirious said...

Wow, that's great!

Joseph put in horse shoe pits at a local park. It was a LOT of work, much more than we anticipated! But that just made him feel even more like he earned his award. :)
A kid in our Stake had a table set up at the emergency preparedness fair to accept donations for his project. He is buying and collecting teddy bears for officers to take on call with them.
I think helping the homeless shelter or soup kitchen would be good. I know that one of our soup kitchens relies solely upon donations for their food. So some days they give out bologna and bread because that's all that was donated. That might be a good project to collect food.
Our stake recently participated in a "Mormon helping hands" day across California to help our state parks. We painted benches, cleared trails, painted the fairground buildings etc.
Just some ideas...

Amy said...

wow! wow! and WOW! what a smarty pants! way to go, steven!!

Meg said...

YAY Steven! Isn't there a law against getting so many awards at one time?!! :) I can't wait to see where you go from here. Keep it up, brother!