Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WFMW - Saving Time and Frustration

Works for Me Wednesday
Using Internet Resources

Anyone who's reading this probably already knows that using the internet has great benefits. One of the things I love about it is that often it can help lower my frustration level. For example, just in the last week or two, here are things I was able to do that I couldn't have (without expending a lot of time and energy) just a few years ago.

Ordering Aida cloth in a size and color that the local store didn't carry.
Looking up possible ancestors on old census records.
Figuring out what to do when I discovered the van was leaking gasoline.
Sharing what a new song, "Be Strong", sounded like with someone without a piano.
Finding the actual quote I heard referenced in a talk at church.
Posting it so I could find it again someday!
Doing the same with a talk Elder Jeff mentioned in his weekly email home.

Of course, there are all the other benefits such as online banking, communicating with far-flung family and friends through email and blogs, getting new recipe ideas, putting books on hold at the library, and keeping my brain sharp with a daily puzzle (or two, or three, or more!) at JigZone. I like living in the 21st century. I hope you do too!

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