Monday, February 22, 2010

Memorable Monday Moments
"I Love You Because . . . " This is a family night activity that we've done several times. And it brings such warm feelings into our home, that every time we do it I wonder why we don't do it more often!! It's a pretty simple idea - just pass out pieces of paper (they don't have to be fancy heart shapes) so that each family member has enough to write a note to every other family member. Then write them and give them to each other. As you can see, they meant enough that we saved them and pasted them into scrapbooks.We did them again this year to include in Valentine cards, because most of our family isn't living at home any more. Here are some of my favorite statements (see if you can guess who said it to whom!):

I love you because . . .
You are my brother and I love all my brothers.
You are enthusiastic and loving.
You compliment me on things and make me feel happy.
You have a great sense of humor and fun.
You can make being at college forever seem natural and you can take a joke.
You make me smile all the time, even just by thinking about you.
You can accept all these corny cards from people you have yet to meet in person.
You are faithful and true at all times.
You are a good teacher.
You are marvelous.
You give me free video games.
You allowed all the pressure to get my Eagle and go on a mission to fall on me.
You have left so many good memories in our home that just about everything reminds me of you and makes me want to be more like you.
Although it makes a great Valentine's activity, it's totally appropriate any time of the year, so don't feel you have to wait until next February to give it a try!

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Meg said...

We LOVED the ones we got from you. Thank you SO much! I like the scrapbook idea- because I just can't throw those away!