Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Family Almanac Revisited

Works for Me Wednesday
Our Family Almanac
I've posted about this before (click on the "family almanac" tag), and I was thinking about sharing something else for Works for Me Wednesday, but when I read today's card, I decided my other idea could wait a week.

Here's what the February 3rd card says:
1986: Weston's first dentist visit (due to fall)
1989: overnight date - write mission statements
1990: buy gray suitcases - David will go on a mission now
2000: Wayne top braces on
2000: David gets driving permit
2007: Jeff takes 2nd place at district wrestling tournament
2007: Steven comes home with 1st, 3rd, and 7th trophies from Math Counts competition
2008: Jeff and Steven do 3 fast offering routes
2009: Food Storage Kick-off - twice - good turnout

I guess all of those entries have a story to go with them, but today the one for 1990 jumped out at me. For some reason, whenever we'd talk to David about serving a mission when he was bigger, he'd say he didn't want to go because he wanted to stay home. Remember he was 4 or 5 years old at the time. We'd reassure him that leaving home was part of growing up, but he was adamant that he would live with us forever. Well, one day we needed new suitcases and so came home with a couple of these:They were cool and David really wanted to use one right away. We told him they were for people going on trips, and he wasn't old enough to do that yet, but he could use them for his mission when he was bigger. That's what it took! All of a sudden he was excited to serve a mission. When the time came 14 years later, we gave him the option of using those old, heavy, hard-sided suitcases so that we could keep our promise, but he decided that some new, up-to-date luggage would be a wiser choice. The important thing is he did serve a mission, and we're proud of him.And having this little memory jog sitting on the kitchen table still brings back great memories. Go here to find the instructions if you want to make your own family almanac. And go here for lots of great ideas for having fun with your family.


Sharon said...

What a great story! My 8yo tells me that he doesn't want to go on a mission because he might have to go to Mexico or Idaho. He doesn't like beans, rice or potatoes! LOL!

I read your Family Almanac post before and finally ended up making one for us and this post reminded me that I have things from the weekend to write about. Thanks!

Melanie said...

You really never cease to amaze me on the type of mother and woman you are. This is an incredible thing you kept track of all these years. Thanks so much for sharing.