Friday, January 15, 2010

Creative Cupcakes

Have you missed Flashback Friday? I have, but things have been busy lately. Hopefully they'll settle down soon, but I'm not holding my breath!
Anyway, Michelle has a friend who loves Elmo and when she saw a picture of these cupcakes a few months ago, she knew exactly what to give her on her birthday. Since her birthday's today, guess what we did yesterday? If you google "Elmo cupcakes" you can find a lot of inspiration, and we decided to go with plain old buttercream frosting, tinted with a LOT of paste food coloring, and frosted using a star decorator tip, mini chocolate chips for the eyeballs, orange peanut M&M's for Elmo's nose and half of a separated Oreo for his mouth. Cookie Monster is eating a mini chocolate chip cookie half. We had a lot of fun together, and I'm sure Miss A. will be surprised!


Delirious said...

So Cute!

Rebecca said...

Those are fantastic! Glad you mentioned a "lot" of paste food coloring, because I just might have to try these. I was admiring how perfect your colors ended up.

Keli said...

WOW!! My kids would LOVE these! I made an Elmo cake for my son's first birthday but these turned out so well!
Thanks for answering my question about the warehouse membership!!!

Dave and Julie said...

When I was looking at your blog a while back, Shayla and Luke were in the room. They saw this picture and have been wanting them ever since. I've been waiting for an occassion, but we might just have to have a cupcake Friday next week. If we make them, I'll let you know. I LOVE the mouths on them!

Crystal said...

Wow! These are great.

What a beautiful family you have!