Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Making Progress

November's UFOs

Once again I finally crossed something off the list that wasn't really *my* chore, but I've been nagging about it for over a year, and now I can stop that!

The summer of 2008, Steven decided that he'd wash all the windows as his Family Life Service Project (one of the merit badge requirements). We had a busy summer, and then another busy summer. However, he really wanted to be able to play video games over the Thanksgiving break, and he'd already done all the easy things on his Scouting to-do list, so out came the bucket and sponge. He did a good job, and was able to thoroughly enjoy his game time. I was questioning my sanity over allowing this (because it did require some adult direction and supervision) in between shopping and errands and laundry and packing, but we survived, and now we have shiny windows. Thank you, Steven!
Remember what happens when you procrastinate? (Go here for the whole story.) Well, this year I was determined that processing the Halloween pumpkin would NOT be an unfinished task, and took care of that early in November!
The pretty pumpkin - we never did get around to turning it into a jack-o-lantern - turned into yummy pumpkin pureƩ. (And thanks goes to Brad for helping with the food processor while I was busy with Relief Society stuff.)
And finally, I made progress on some "crafting". Maybe this "to-do" is stretching it as to actually accomplishing something, but I'm hoping by documenting it I'll continue to make progress. In November I looked through the closets and made a list of all the unfinished craft projects. Since the majority of them relate to Christmas, I'm hoping for a two-for-one deal for December: finish some and cross them off the list AND feel the Christmas spirit! Come back in a month to see if the plan works!

Here's the list. Which should I do first?
  • frame Wayne's cross-stitch
  • finish granny square blanket using old yarn
  • use up green fleece scraps
  • do something with empty 6x6" scrapbook
  • do something with empty 8x11" scrapbook
  • 5 tree ornaments to paint
  • 5 Noel/Family knick-knacks to paint
  • 4 wood nativity sets to paint
  • 6 ceramic ornaments to paint
  • wood Christmas puzzle to paint
  • "stacked box snowman" to paint
  • complete "Welcome" vinyl frame
  • do final touches on Relief Society wall-hangings

Oh, and after months and months and months of procrastinating, I finally got my hair cut and bought new glasses. But you don't need any pictures because I still look the same. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to changing my style :)

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Amy said...

You really are never bored! I think I need a nap after reading all the things you have and still want to accomplish!! I do have one idea for the scrapbook or something similar. Not long after we were married, my mother in law gave us a binder with photos (from GAK), printed scriptures of the Christmas story and songs that went along with the photos and scriptures.Even before we had children, we loved using this as part of our pre-Christmas FHE and now we use it on Christmas Eve with our kids. Might be a good Christmas gift for Megan and Weston??