Monday, November 2, 2009

Letters and more Letters

Memorable Monday Moments
Week Two of the Assignment Wheel

Remember we were interested in seeing how Wayne would fulfill his assignment to play the piano? Well, never fear, he did a fine job. But first it was Michelle's turn for the lesson. She started by reviewing the importance of always remembering our Savior through reading the sacramental prayers and Moses 6:63. Then Michelle decided to give us practice by playing Boggle. At the end of each round, we had to choose one of the words on our list and explain how that object can remind us of Jesus Christ. (For example, Jesus cast the NET into the sea. It doesn't have to be profound!) We've done this before and it's really a great activity.Although it's more fun when you're not losing!Wayne was delighted to be reminded that he got to choose the closing song. He decided "The Alphabet Song" would be perfect. So Steven led while he plunked out the tune. (It wasn't a very reverent introduction to the closing prayer, but it is a great memory!) Although this was a simple song, he assured me that he can play any hymn in the hymnbook with one finger, so he's not stressing over the assignment returning to him.Two weeks in a row with actual refreshments! This time it was Halloween Sugar Cookies.We hope you're all enjoying your family home evenings as much as we are!

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Meg said...

Oh I wish we could have been there. I LOVE Boggle! Weston and I have so much fun with that game. :) My favorite part of this post though is the angry face on Dad! Weston makes that same face! I love it. Thanks for sharing!