Monday, November 23, 2009

Heritage Dinner

Memorable Monday Moments
Heritage Dinner
One of the suggested activities in the Family Home Evening Resource Manual is to have a heritage dinner (see #3). We did that in January 1988 and served Cornish Pasties from England. As part of the festivity, the boys decorated placemats using the flag of Great Britain (although I didn't take of picture of that). Actually, I didn't take a picture of the dinner either, but this picture was taken the following month. I have no idea which lesson it went with, but we had the following lessons that February (and I know this because Wayne's really good about putting the date given in the manual): "Delight in the Law of the Lord," "The Purpose of the Commandments," "Know the Lord's Laws," and "Family History Stories." Which one do you think this activity matched?

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Dave Whitaker said...

no idea which lesson that picture went with except i'll guess that it wasn't the family history lesson...