Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Last Day in the Life of a Missionary

It's hard to believe this day was two weeks ago, and yet it's also hard to believe it was ONLY two weeks ago. Wow, does time fly by!

Anyway, here's "The Last Day in the Life of a Missionary," at least from his mom's point of view. We'll assume he got up, ate breakfast, read his scriptures and finished packing. After pulling three suitcases the four blocks to the mission office, we finally got some hugs. (This is the front door of the mission office in Resistencia, Argentina.) Then it was time for a tour of the office. The mission slogan: Meeting President del Castillo: The office missionaries' apartment:Across the street and behind the tree is the mission home (Sister del Castillo was making sure the brand-new missionaries were getting off to their first areas without any problems): Pointing out the giant maps of the mission and the areas he served: Stopping at the church building to turn on the hot water for the baptismal font: Using the timer button on my camera for the very first time, with hymn books as a tripod:Taking a lunch break at the "best" restaurant in town (amazingly still less than $20 to feed five people!): One final "discussion" (this was my absolute favorite part of the day):
Taking a pleasant walk from Virginia's house to the church for her baptism:President del Castillo was able to attend:Concluding the day with all the "honorables" (those returning home):Making sure the suitcases get on the bus okay:A final wave good-bye:

The End.

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Belkycita said...

Wow! you are so lucky, how nice to see your son baptize a new member. All the pictures remind me somehow of home.
Did you get to see much of Argentina?