Friday, October 16, 2009

Great Basin National Park

Friday Flashback
National Park Series #10

Steven was two weeks old when we took our annual camping vacation, this time to Great Basin National Park, but he didn't seem to mind, even if he couldn't eat any marshmallows. The older boys had fun pushing him around the campground loop in his stroller; however, we had to stop them because they were scaring the other campers with their speed. You'd think they would have been tired out after hiking all day!
The entrance to Lehman Caves Making it to the top of Wheeler Peak - 13,063 feet in elevation
Spectacular views everwhere!


Meg said...

I love all these pictures. What an adorable little family! I'm so glad I'm a part of it now. Love you!

Leanne said...

Thanks for visiting and for your comment. I love all your gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing.