Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Favorite Cleaning Tip

It's time for another Works for Me Wednesday, and this month's theme is cleaning tips. A favorite one that I just rediscovered is using old toothbrushes. (I think I first learned about it during college apartment checks - as a way to get the kitchen sink perfectly clean.) This morning that turned the top of the agitator in my washing machine from dirty and yucchy to pristine white. And a few weeks ago it got rid of the gunk on the soap holder that had been bothering me for months. (Another tip would be to use liquid soap dispensers instead of bar soap everywhere, but we have one family member who prefers the bars.) So, keep a handy-dandy old toothbrush in your cleaning caddy!


Teri Lynne said...

Love your blog ... it's so pretty & peaceful to look at! Great tip too on the toothbrushes. I also love toothpicks for getting grime out of tight places.

{ L } said...

Another SUPER tip from you!! I should go use an old toothbrush right now, lol.