Friday, October 30, 2009

Counting Down to Halloween #9

Trunk or Treat

If you've never heard of "trunk-or-treating", here's a definition I found here: "A Trunk or Treat is a Halloween event that is often church or community-sponsored. People gather and park their cars in a large parking lot. They open their trunks or the backs of their vehicles and decorate them. Then they pass out candy from their trunks. The event provides a safe family environment for trick or treaters."

Having a trunk-or-treat is traditionally a part of our ward's Halloween dinner/activity. I haven't learned how to take good pictures in the dark but here are a couple from last year.
Someone's truck is decorated and they're ready to pass out candy.The kids going "door to door".

Tonight's the night, and we'll take the camera. If any of the pictures turn out, we'll add them to the post. Last year: "fun candy treats"

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Melissa said...

Thanks Becky! LOL The ghouls are gonna get ya!