Friday, July 17, 2009

Tuesday Evening Get-together

Flashback Friday
Wrestling with Coach Peek
This week we were invited to a party honoring Coach Peek. He started coaching wrestling at Bloomingdale the year David was a senior, which means he coached Brad and Jeff for their full four years. He is retiring as coach to move on as an assistant principal. The wrestlers and parents thought it would be fun to recognize that and "roast" him with some fun gag gifts. It was a great evening, and since Brad and Jeff missed out on having a great time with their buddies, we tried to get a few pictures for them.
The whole gang.A few wrestlers presenting Coach with their gift (a bet that he would gain weight before the season's over)! In honor of our boys, we gave him a Hotwheel van and a Book of Mormon. He thought that was quite appropriate.The team that won districts - a picture of the cut-out figure for the game one of the parent's made.
Brad and Jeff in February 2006 with the ribbons they earned at the district meet. Wrestling was a great sport for them and they learned a lot from participating. We'll have fond memories for many years.

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