Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some Pictures of our Missionaries

or "My visiting teacher is amazing!"

I don't know how she got it, but my visiting teacher emailed me a copy of Jeff with his MTC group. He's wearing a red tie and standing right behind the MTC president's wife. Also somewhere in that group is Elder Godoy from Argentina. After his three weeks in the Buenos Aires MTC (where he served as Jeff's district leader), he went to Resistencia and Brad was able to help him get oriented. Elder Whitaker says Elder Godoy will be a great missionary!We're not supposed to be concerned about the swine flu - the missionaries are shaking elbows, not hands. (Here's Brad demonstrating with President del Castillo.)
Finally, Brad sent us this picture of the zone leaders in the Argentina Resistencia Mission. Some of them were being super obedient to the counsel to wear masks and gloves. (I'm not sure who everyone is, but the people in the chairs are Elder Whitaker, President del Castillo, Sister del Castillo, and Brad's companion - Elder Eliason .)

So, that's the latest for now. They're doing great and we definitely appreciate the examples Brad and Jeff are setting for us of commitment, diligence, sacrifice, service, and love.


Rennie said...

Very cool! I did envision the missionaries kinda "gettin' down" with the elbow bump thing instead of shaking hands. It made me think back to the days of disco!

Meg said...

I love the one of Brad shaking elbows- he cracks me up!