Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Utah Trip

Steven's graduating from BYU - the last of our six children to reach that milestone - and that means a trip to Utah to help him celebrate. I decided to come out a week before Wayne to spend time with David's family and we've had a busy week!

I went straight from the airport to soccer practice. What fun! (Although it would have been a bit more fun if it was a bit warmer! It's hard to beat Florida weather in April.)

Soccer practice the next day was rained out, so we had our own in the basement. Even that was a good workout.
I figured out TRAX and went downtown to spend time at the Family History library and meet a college roommate for lunch. It was a real treat being able to spend time with her and we were too busy talking to take any pictures.
The station's a leisurely 10-minute walk from their house, and I enjoyed exploring the neighborhood on the way back. Here's an interesting park filled with poles. Apparently in the summer the city covers them with giant canvas tarps and people bring their own hammocks to hang between them.
Still waiting for landscaping, but their house is finished and they've turned it into a lovely home.
In an effort to help their more picky eaters enjoy dinner, they started a new tradition of letting them choose the menu on each monthly anniversary of their birthday. I was there for Dallin's and he chose "tortillas with cheese and olives" and sprinkle brownies. (The adults added taco meat and sour cream and other yummy fixings to their tortillas!)
Fortunately, although cold, Saturday was a sunny day, so soccer games went as planned. We bundled up and headed out.

They're held in a park with a nice playground and Evelyn wanted to show her cousin Brooke that she also know how to pump on the swing.

Dallin's game was first, and he did a great job of running around and chasing the ball. He even kicked it a couple of times!

 Even with all of his great participation, the highlight of the game was the treat at the end!
After his game we played on the playground and ate lunch, and then it was time for Evelyn's game. She also did a great job of running and kicking the ball.
After soccer games and naps we tried attending the Tulip Festival, and you can read about that here and here.

With little kids, even on Sundays it's a good idea to get out of the house, so on the way home from church we took a detour to stop and feed the ducks.
This week I also had the opportunity to observe last year's graduate at her workplace before cashing in our Valentine's gift from Wayne at the nail salon. We're so proud of the wonderful people our children have become!

Several years ago we were in Utah on vacation and were able to tour the Oquirrh Mountain Temple during its open house. I was grateful for the opportunity to spend time there again on this trip. It's a gorgeous temple, although I'm still partial to our own Fort Lauderdale Temple
It was cold, cloudy, wet and rainy when I walked into the temple, but when I walked out two hours later it had started clearing, and while still cold, was not wet and rainy. The view across the valley was spectacular, and unfortunately this picture doesn't do it justice. I will admit that's something lacking in the Florida landscape, and I'm grateful I can occasionally visit the mountains. 

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