Thursday, November 5, 2015

Remembering Thanksgiving - The First Five Years

It's hard to believe it's already November! I think I say that every year. I want to do better at recording family memories on this blog, so this month I figured I'd go through our past Thanksgiving Day holidays. I thought it was going to be an original series, then discovered I did something similar several years ago. However, I didn't record every year then, and if I couldn't remember writing the posts, I'm sure you don't remember reading them, so it's okay if things get repeated. 

Because we usually eat the same thing year after year (see here and here), these posts won't necessarily be about Thanksgiving dinner, but more about family visits and trips, because that's another important part of our Thanksgiving traditions.

Thanksgiving #1 - 1982
The very first Thanksgiving of our married life was celebrated with Wayne's grandparents and his local Provo/Orem relatives. I had a stressful morning preparing pies to take and I think I was a bit homesick for what I was used to as well, so I remember it not being my favorite day. However, the pies were a hit, I made new friends, and there was even time to watch a bit of football.
This is not the most flattering picture, but it's the only one I have of that day, which makes it precious and invaluable. My chivalrous husband took the floor and let me have the chair. Wasn't that thoughtful of him?

Thanksgiving #2 - 1983
The next year we had Thanksgiving Dinner with the same set of relatives (or close to it), but Aunt Joan was our hostess. The Sunday after we joined my family for dinner at my Uncle Kirk's house in Salt Lake. My parents and grandparents were in town and we were able to introduce Weston to his great-great-grandmother and take a 5 generation picture. So many things to be thankful for and they just keep increasing each year!

My family (missing Ida) with Great-grandma Ida Martha Smith White.
Thanksgiving #3 - 1984
One of the things we were thankful for this year was that Wayne finally found a new job after graduating from BYU that summer. Because he started the Monday after the holiday, we spent most of our holiday packing and moving and organizing. However, once again we were able to join everyone at Aunt Joan's for Thanksgiving Dinner.
Making sure the cabinet was truly empty!
Thanksgiving #4 - 1985
This year we were back at Uncle Kirk's house for Thanksgiving dinner, and once again there aren't any pictures. That year we also had plans to meet my sister (with her new fiance) along with my brother (en route between the MTC and Italy) at the airport, but a snowstorm prevented that. Fortunately, someone else was able to send us pictures, and now you can feel like you were there as well.

Thanksgiving #5 - 1986
I can't remember if we ate turkey three days in a row, but we did have three Thanksgiving celebrations. The first was at Uncle Kirk's house on Thursday. Then we had one at our apartment on Friday, where Julie helped Weston make place cards. Finally, on Saturday, we visited Wayne's grandparents, and afterwards enjoyed relaxing on the swings and feeding the ducks.

Julie and David
Louise Eccles Whitaker with three of her great-grandchildren

Such fun memories of holidays with our little family. But wait, it just gets better as the years progress!

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