Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Works for Me Wednesday - Shopping for Food

Yesterday was "Errand Day" which meant I did some grocery shopping. One of the stops on my list was the Zaycon truck. That gave me the idea to remind you of an old post:
I don't know if you have Zaycon available where you live, but I've been happy every time I've used their service. Basically you order and pay online, and then go to some parking lot at a particular time to get your food. These are large quantities - the minimum order for the chicken I picked up yesterday was 40 pounds - but you can always share an order with someone else. Check out their website at to see if it's something that might work for your family.

Now that we're down to just two people at home, our cooking and shopping habits have changed, but another thing that worked for us when the kids were at home was a Farmer's Market co-op. You can read a post about that here. When I think about it, I do try to find new fruits and vegetables to try at our ordinary grocery store. 

One of the latest ones was chayote squash, but that was a while ago. I have purchased salted cod fish and whole dates recently, but those were requests from Wayne for a recipe he wanted to try. I need to try new things more often, all on my own. It's easy to get in a rut with our menu planning and grocery shopping. While routines and habits are important and even desirable, sometimes it's a good idea to try something new. We might just find that it makes life even better!

What are some hints and ideas you have for making shopping and cooking fun?

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