Friday, September 5, 2014

The Yellow IOMEGA Hat

The predecessor to Green Hat was Yellow IOMEGA Hat. I felt it deserved to be honored as well. Although its life with our family wasn't quite as long, it was just about as memorable. And the story of its demise is quite exciting.

For the first nine years of our marriage, Wayne wore a variety of hats during our outdoor adventures. Here are a couple of them.
However, in 1991, on our family vacation to Grand Teton National Park, the Yellow IOMEGA Hat made its debut. We kept it busy!
And it enjoyed several more years of fun and memories, including Great Basin National Park (where it climbed to one of the highest points in the continental United States - Wheeler Peak), Yosemite National Park,
and Lassen Volcanic National Park (the top of that peak was COLD!)
In 1998 our annual vacation was to Kings Canyon National Park. This is last picture I could find of Yellow IOMEGA Hat.
One night on that camping trip I awoke to strange sounds, and made Wayne investigate. Sure enough, there was a bear in our campsite. There wasn't any food available for it to take, but Yellow IOMEGA Hat was hooked on a nearby tree. We thought that 8-10 feet up would keep it safe, but apparently not. The bear took the hat and wandered off into the forest. And that was the end of Yellow IOMEGA Hat.

Note: Until Green Hat took over in 2002, there were a couple of other hats who enjoyed our family activities with us:
Extra note: It looks like BYU Cougar Hat enjoyed some fun before being relegated to the box in the closet. I hope it's happy it finally gets the place of honor on Wayne's head.
Kings Canyon - 1998
MacArthur State Park - 2014

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