Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Remembering December - The Big Painting Project

I finally have all the pictures uploaded and kind of organized. Let's see if I can do all the posts in my head in a timely manner now. We had a busy month. I probably should do things in order, but I'm not. I guess, however, if you order things from the largest project to the smallest one, this could be first. How's that?

When we finished painting the west side of the house over Memorial Day weekend, it was always the plan to do the east side over the Christmas break. Imagine Wayne's delight when both Brad and Weston decided to come visit us for the holiday! Fortunately they were good sports and brought painting clothes with them. We got to work on the first day of their "vacation" so we could have fun the rest of the time. Although, who's to say that climbing ladders and painting a giant wall on a gorgeous December day in Florida isn't fun?
Brad was assigned the very top, and he did a great job.
Brooke was assigned to supervise and stay away from the paint. She did an excellent job with her assignment as well!
Weston started with the one-story garage level, and he recruited a couple of helpers as well.
Look at that concentration. We're so grateful our boys grew up to be hard workers.
When you live in the 21st century, you can still answer the phone while you're working outside. Isn't that handy?
You can see below that it really was time for a paint job. 
This was the primer coat. That's the one that's easy to tell where you've already painted, but it's also the most difficult and time-consuming to apply.
After a few hours, the two main painters came together, finished the last little spot, and that part of the chore was done! Doesn't it look nice?
Then after Christmas it was time to apply the paint, two coats worth. It was also time to switch work crews. Jeff and Michelle got the pleasure of working this time. The first day we were racing to beat the predicted rain storm, so didn't stop to take pictures. The second day we had beautiful weather, and even a dad who got off work early to help a bit.
It may look like he's just supervising, but as you can see below, he climbed the ladder with a paintbrush as well. Michelle's main job was to refill the rollers for both painters. That's actually very helpful in getting things done quickly.
Another side is completed. Thank you, everyone, for your help!
Can you see where we stopped and need to start next? Who wants to come visit for President's Day?

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