Monday, May 27, 2013

Saturday Chores, Once Again

There's a never-ending list of things to do around here, and with really only one day a week available in which to do them, sometimes we try to do too much.  I'm sure you all know exactly what I'm talking about. Anyway, this weekend's project was to paint one side of the house.  That meant last week was spent doing some prep-work, namely "un-painting" or power washing.
 I'm so glad that Wayne doesn't mind climbing a ladder!  We had talked about starting the primer coat that afternoon, but the rain clouds rolled in and we had to bag that idea.  But that's okay, because the night before Wayne's early (or late) Christmas present arrived, and that gave him time to set up his new speakers. 
And then we tested them out by enjoying a couple of movies.
This weekend we had gorgeous weather, so we were able to follow through with the painting plans. 
Friday after work we spent a few hours starting the trim work.
It's kind of sad that the only way to get rid of this discoloration was to paint the whole house, but now that doesn't have to bother me any more.
It was the perfect evening to work outside; too bad this picture doesn't do the gorgeous sunset justice.
The next morning we got an early start to take advantage of the shade.  It's true that many hands make light work, but it was still an exhausting project.  We miss our boys!

But the girls are good helpers too.  Here we are finishing up the first coat.  The weather continued to cooperate and we were able to finish the second coat as well.  Now we're letting that dry for "at least 24 hours" and hopefully we'll be able to do the final coat on Monday.
This is what happens to your hands when it's your job to squeeze the paint off of the rollers!
No more orange stain!  And don't you love that glimpse of our gorgeous day.  We hope your weekend is just as beautiful.  Happy Memorial Day!!!

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