Thursday, April 30, 2009

April's Activities

It's been a busy month!
And I haven't had time to post everything I wanted, so here we go --

First of all, Wayne and Steven completed segment two of the Florida Trail. That deserves its own post!
But we ended Spring Break with a visit to the Tampa Bay History Museum. That was a lot of fun, and motivated us to try a few new recipes.
Michelle went to Girls' Camp over Spring Break. They were kept as "busy as bees" with cooking, cleaning, hiking, certification, and daily devotionals. She had a wonderful time, and thoroughly enjoyed being a "princess" (one of the perks of already earning her Personal Progress award).

Because she still has years of Young Women's to go, Michelle's going through the personal progress goals again. This month she started a project of sewing her own dress. It's hard work, but she's doing great.
And while we were in the sewing mood, we whipped up some new pajama pants with her favorite Sesame Street characters!We were able to celebrate Easter with the traditional egg dying. (Scroll down the recipe blog to see what we tried this year.)

There were still chores that had to be done -- cleaning out the gutters --and installing a cabinet in the shed.
We had the great opportunity to help clean a neighborhood park (notice no more moss in the fence or leaves on the tennis court) as part of the regional day of service.
Steven's long-awaited Math League competition came and went, and Jeff honored the occasion by giving him an early birthday present - direct from the BYU math department. Because, yes, JEFF'S HOME!!

Now it's time to take a deep breath, and dive into a new month that's sure to be just as eventful.

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