Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Year's Resolutions

I'm still working on finalizing my New Year's Resolutions for 2018, but one of them includes going through old boxes of papers and stuff. In doing so I came across this gem.

I'll have to go back to my journal to see if we accomplished these goals. However, they're pretty good ones, and maybe they'll help you this year. I particularly appreciated our scribe (which I suspect was Weston). It's interesting to see what got crossed off, and how we turned the negatives into positives.

What got crossed off:

  • Don't fall asleep in sacrament meeting. (It has a notation to maybe try this again in two years!)
  • Eliminate quarreling and teasing. (At least we were striving for achievable goals!)

What stayed:

  • Remember (as opposed to "don't forget") Jesus when in the chapel.
  • 4 service projects a year.
  • Invite one family over for dinner each month.
  • Weekly surprise inspections of the house.
  • Be kind and cheerful (as a step toward eliminating quarreling and teasing).
  • Choose a name (to give to the missionaries) by March 3rd.


Brad said...

Weston's handwriting hasn't changed in 20 years!

Meg said...

Brad is 100% right!

Interesting that you found this after our phone call with you on Sunday about how to get along better! We're going to meet and come up with goals this coming Sunday and I bet the boys would get a kick out of seeing this- thanks for sharing!