Saturday, July 8, 2017

Another Beautiful Saturday!

It's Florida in the summer, so once again there was rain in the forecast, but we figured if we got an early start we could stay mostly dry, so we did. And we successfully completed the second loop of the "east" side of the Cypress Creek Natural Area (otherwise known as the Hammock Loop Trails) before the rain arrived. The last time we went it was still in the dry season; it was interesting to see the difference a few months makes. Fortunately, although there were a couple of streams to jump over, we didn't have to go slogging through any marshes.

Since this trail was round-trip and less than 10 miles (4.69 to be exact), I went on the hike as well.

This time Cypress Creek actually had water in it.

We took the detour to the overlook once again. I expected more water there, but there was some.

Along the way we passed another little lake.

And we made it to the canal on the border, to find a new set of crops growing on the other side.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day!

We drove home through a couple of heavy thunderstorms, replaced the downstairs thermostat, celebrated with a new recipe, and are looking forward to visiting with friends at a wedding reception this evening. We hope you each have a pleasant Saturday as well!

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