Friday, October 14, 2016

Special Days

As alluded to here, our 9th grandchild was born this summer, and we're looking forward to celebrating his special day this weekend. In preparation for that, I decided to look up some old pictures. You don't want to be scrolling down the page forever, so I made a collage.
I tried to arrange it by birth order, but that didn't work. It's kind of by families, but not really, so here's another one that makes it more obvious. Do you see our pattern of boy-girl-girl-boy-boy-girl-girl-boy?
This summer baby was another boy, so we're keeping the pattern going. And, even better, we get to continue the pattern and add a little girl to the family in January!
It's just fun to watch these cute babies grow up to become parents themselves. What great memories!

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