Monday, June 1, 2015

Hawaii 2015 - Part Two

What is it about sunrises and the beach that is so peaceful and relaxing? I could sit and watch this scenery all day. However, we were there to visit family, so after breakfast the crew came to our condo and we enjoyed a nearby pool. (This was at the Kauai Beach Resort if you're ever interested in going yourself.)
We started in the shallow, sand-bottomed pool, moved to one of the "regular" pools, watched the adults go down the water slide (there's a height requirement), and then moved to the hot tub to finish up. We never really made it to the "main" pool. That's a lot of pools!
During nap time, Wayne and I visited the local museum. I was able to see all I wanted to see there in our 3-4 hour visit; however, Wayne went back a few days later while I packed and read a book. He still needs another visit to finish reading everything, which I guess just may happen if David's family doesn't move anytime soon.
Sunday we took pictures before church while everyone was happy and clean. I think they turned out nicely, even with the little camera. We're grateful for our family and glad that we could be there for Clara's special day.

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