Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Works for Me Wednesday - Paying for Scout Camp

Brad's Eagle Court of Honor
Last week we attended our ward's youth fundraiser dinner, and it reminded me of an ingenious plan Wayne devised to encourage our sons to use their time at Scout Camp wisely. We expected our sons to attend Scout Camp, and we also expected them to pay for it themselves, although we also tried to provide opportunities for them to earn the money.
Weston and friends at Camp Wolfboro
However, we didn't just want them to have fun at camp; we also wanted them to work hard while they were there. We knew from experience that some merit badges, like Environmental Science, are just easier to accomplish when you have the resources available at camp.
Brad and friends at a Court of Honor
So, we made a deal with them. Every merit badge they earned at Scout Camp would be worth a $25 credit towards the next year's camp (or super activity). You'll have to ask them what the record was, but the incentive seemed to work. They each definitely came home with a handful of completed blue cards, and none of them had to pay full-price out of their own pocket for the next two years of camp. 
Brad, Jeff & Steven at another Court of Honor

In addition to earning merit badges, they strengthened relationships with their friends and leaders, learned important life skills, and made great memories. I'd say we got our money's worth.
Jeff's Eagle Court of Honor

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