Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend - 2015

Easter this year was a bit different. First of all, it was also General Conference, so we didn't have regular church meetings. There weren't any kids around to celebrate it with, either; that always makes celebrating holidays a bit different. Because Wayne's parents were here, we started our celebrating a few days early. It's always fun to be able to stretch out the holiday. The sandhill cranes thought so, too.
We started our festivities with a trip to the Fort Lauderdale Temple.
The next day we went to Jonathan Dickinson State Park (see here), coming home in time to support the annual ward fund-raiser.
The next day we made time (between general conference sessions) for the annual egg-dying ritual.
This year's new egg-dying technique involved rice. I got the idea from here. First I tried a cup, but the shaking was cracking the egg, so then I used a ziploc baggie, and that worked. Put in a couple tablespoons of rice, add a couple drops of food dye, put in the cooked egg and close the bag. Rub around until you like the way it looks, then remove the egg. It does get your fingertips stained, but so did Wayne's fingers when he took his egg out of the traditional liquid dye!
We did have our traditional lamb dinner, (see here), but we had it a couple of days early. On Easter Sunday, we enjoyed dinner with friends at their house. Our contribution was a bright pink, not-very-healthy, fruit and jello salad concoction, but it was delicious! (Here's the recipe.)
Because Wayne doesn't care for coconut, I took advantage of this opportunity (with others to help us eat it) to add it to the salad. It's a good thing it really was just a garnish for the top, because we discovered there's someone else who doesn't care for it either! It's really fun to get to know others better.

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