Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Works for Me Wednesday - Planning Ahead

While there's something to be said for spontaneity, overall I've found that if I want something to happen, I need to plan for it. Just as one example, the year we actually had a fun Christmas Countdown was the year I created the little garland with activity suggestions while staying up with ten 10-year-olds for a Halloween sleepover. (That may not be factually correct, but it's what I remember!)

Anyway, in honor of preparing ahead, I'm reminding you all of our Great St. Patrick's Day Experiment from a couple of years ago. You can read all the details here. Basically, though, we compared packaged corned beef brisket with making it ourselves and decided we liked the home-prepared version better. However, it takes several days of "brining" time, so it's not something that can be last minute. If you want to have it this year, put "beef brisket" on your shopping list this week!
Other than serving Corned Beef and maybe a green dessert, we won't do too much to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year. However, some of you may feel inclined to do a bit more. If you plan now, it won't be stressful in a couple of weeks! Here's the link to my Pinterest page if you're looking for some ideas. I think we'll go with this one (no mint involved!):
Best Saint Patricks Food and Crafts 22
What fun holiday traditions are you planning for March?

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