Friday, January 16, 2015

Village Park

We had a free Saturday and decided to go visit one of our local city parks and see if it would be a good place to take grandchildren when they visit. Here's what we found:
Four football fields, complete with bleachers and a concession stand.
Four baseball fields.
More soccer fields than I could count (because they were spread throughout the park).
An exercise trail with various stations.
A large multi-purpose building (where Michelle helped with a Halloween activity a couple of years ago) and the parks department headquarters.
There were a couple of hockey rink buildings, a skate park and a large playground area. 
Adjacent to Village Park is the Peaceful Waters Sanctuary; we'll go back to explore that area another day.
Part of the trail had trees planted in loving memory of family members; we read every one.
Another portion of the trail went around a beautiful pond.
 There were a few other ponds as well.
The final verdict? This would be a great park for a future family activity!

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Dave said...

That looks like a place you could spend an entire week without running out of things to do. Fun park!