Sunday, September 7, 2014

Visiting Atlanta - The Georgia Aquarium

Now that the kids are off to college and we have an empty nest once again, we get to do some of the things we've been looking forward to for years. One of those things is having me accompany Wayne on the occasional business trip. Wasn't it convenient that he had one scheduled for early September? And it was even more convenient that it was to Atlanta, where Brad is living with his family. So, we came up early to spend the weekend with them and are having a wonderful time.

Many people have raved about the Georgia Aquarium so we decided that it should be at the top of our list as we played tourist. It did not disappoint. First, however, we took a detour to stroll through Centennial Park, where Brooke had a chance to play on the playground, and Wayne had a chance to pick up some pamphlets which gave him plenty of ideas for activities during future trips!

The first order of business at the aquarium was giving the dolphin a giant hug.
 Then it was time to start exploring.
I think I was most fascinated by these little eel-like creatures that were in the bottom of one of the tropical tanks. They just kind of stood there, and would retract into their holes as the other fish passed over them.
I could have stayed there for hours just watching them. There were many places I could have stayed for hours! Watching fish swim back and forth is just as relaxing as sitting on the beach and watching the waves come in over and over and over.
What a great variety! Imagine the work that went into creating all these unique creatures!
After going through the tunnel under the giant tank, you reach another place where you could sit for hours.  Hopefully having the people in front gives you some idea of perspective.
This was a huge tank filled with beautiful and magnificent fish. (You can click here to view the webcam if you want.)
I may have been able to sit for hours, but not a toddler. So, we moved on. There was still a lot to see!
Although disappointed that her favorite part (where you can touch the star fish) was closed, Brooke was able to show us how much fun the penguins can be.
Then we ended the morning by watching the dolphin show, but we were asked not to take pictures during that, so I didn't. I guess you'll have to go yourself someday to see what that's like. (I also didn't get any good pictures of the beluga whales, but the aquarium has a webcam for them as well.)
We enjoyed our visit to the Georgia Aquarium, but we enjoyed being with these awesome tour guides even more. They did a great job!

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