Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

Hi everyone! I never did write about Easter, but I found some pictures on the computer and figured I should do a quick post. Just wanted to assure you that we kept up with the family traditions in 2014.
Wayne wanted to try a new technique for dying eggs. He used increasing amounts of food coloring for each egg in order to have an ombre effect. He did get eggs that were increasingly darker, but the difference wasn't as obvious as he hoped it would be. So, even though I took meticulous notes so we could recreate the experiement, I didn't bother saving them. We can try another method next year.

We did have Peeps and Reese's eggs in our baskets, and creamed eggs on toast for breakfast.  Then it was off to stake conference! 

When we got home we had a lovely Easter dinner with some friends. It was nice to share our tradition of roast lamb with them. This year I tried poking it with garlic slivers and rosemary before roasting and it turned out beautifully. (This is the recipe I used as my starting point.)
And we tried Aunt Julie's rolls - the ones that Jeff requests for family dinners.
They were okay, but not as good as I'm sure they are when she makes them. Either I rushed the raising or the water I used was too hot and killed the yeast. So, even though I added the "recipe" label, there really aren't any recipes in this post. Sorry about that!

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