Monday, March 3, 2014

Remembering December - Holiday Party Weekend

Time sure flies and we're keeping busy. Hopefully soon we'll be caught up here!

As you may recall (here's 2012 and 2011), Wayne's company has the tradition of hosting a holiday party and making arrangements with a local hotel for reduced rates for their employees on that weekend. We've made it our tradition to take them up on the offer. This year it was "The Colony" and we had a great time.
We didn't think to make reservations for the hotel restaurant, and apparently it was fully booked for a holiday party, so we just started walking down the street. The first restaurant we saw was Cafe Via Flora. It looked nice, it was off of Worth Avenue (what we planned to explore that weekend) and so that's what we chose. It was a good choice. The food was delicious, the service was great, and the atmosphere was beautiful. It was such a pleasant evening we were able to enjoy dining on the terrace. Too bad my pictures don't do it justice!

As you all know, Wayne likes starting at the top of the menu, so he had Shrimp Cocktail and Linguini Vongole. I like trying new things, or things I can't make at home, so I had Fried Ugly Tomatoes and Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare. We split a Key Lime Pie for dessert. Yummy, yummy. And we even got some exercise on the walk back to the hotel to help use up some of the calories!
The Colony
Eggs Benedict and and omelet
After breakfast the next morning, we started our walking tour of Worth Avenue. We had a lot of fun window shopping, exploring all the nooks and crannies, and just enjoying the beautiful architecture and weather.

Worth Avenue ends at the Atlantic Ocean
The Everglades Club
In the evening we returned to the Everglades Club for the company dinner. It wasn't quite as over-the-top as last year, but it was still quite elegant and the food was delicious and beautiful.
Fun memories!

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