Saturday, January 11, 2014

Remembering the Holidays - Thanksgiving

As you can see, we're a bit behind here, but things are slowly getting back to normal, and so now it's time to remember some of our fun activities over the past few weeks. First up is Thanksgiving. I'm not going to apologize for being six weeks late, because Isn't it important to remember to be grateful all year long? 

This year (which is now really last year) we decided to take the trip to Virginia for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was a little shorter than in years past (see here and here) because I decided I really didn't want to drive through the night, and we took a detour through Atlanta to pick up Brad's family.
Here's Wayne in front of Brad's apartment complex wondering why we decided to leave nice warm Florida and head into freezing temperatures.
At the first rest area in South Carolina. Good thing we took it, because the freeway was a parking lot after that for several hours. I guess everyone else in Georgia was heading north as well.
Meeting all the relatives!
Thanksgiving Day we helped Holly prepare some of the 400 Christmas cards she sent out. That's a pretty huge project!
The snack tray definitely helped keep up our energy. I think it was unanimous that the olives were the best part, although the cheese balls were quite tasty as well.
The day after Thanksgiving we continued with our tradition of doing a segment of the New River Trail. Now we've completed four of the five segments. Jesse and Brad kept Wayne company on the trail, while I dropped them off and picked them up.
That gave me time to enjoy the beauties of  nature, even if it was cold.
That afternoon some of us accompanied Holly while she exercised in the pool. That's always a fun excursion.
And the next morning it was time to drive home. It was a treat to spend time with this delightful traveler.
We have so many blessings for which to be thankful!

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