Thursday, January 23, 2014

Remembering December - The Little Painting Project

A couple of months before Christmas, Michelle started sending me links of things she would like to receive as presents. Most of them made sense, but the link to this picture on Pinterest had me baffled.
Elephant sleeve DIY sweater, so stinkin cute and weird. love it!
She assured me she really wanted one for Christmas, but I never did get around to making one beforehand, so it was our "day after Christmas" project. Hers turned out much cuter, I think, don't you?
She wore it to the airport when we picked up Jeff, and he insisted he wanted one as well.
 So we made another one!
And here's proof that Jeff helped. (Have you figured out where the painting fits in?)
Papa Elephant and Baby Elephant love each other, maybe as much as these two siblings do.

I guess maybe we should have done a little tutorial, but this isn't a project I necessarily want to do again! However, as I recall, here are the steps we did:

Buy two sweatshirts in the color and size you'll want to wear. Michelle picked gray for the elephant part; that only uses half the sweatshirt, so there was enough for the second one. On both sweatshirts, cut off the sleeve that you want to become the trunk. (Michelle chose the left sleeve, and Jeff the right.) Find - really, create - an elephant pattern and use it to cut the shape out of the gray sweatshirt. Appliqué it onto the main sweatshirt. (This is the part that Mom did.) Then sew the gray sleeve back onto the main sweatshirt. Put on the finishing touches using fabric paint. (That's where the paint comes in!) Wait for it to dry before you try wearing it.


Delirious said...

I love these! People are so creative!

Belkycita said...

These are really cute!
I would like a link to the tutorial if you have one. My girls are Elephant lovers and I think this will be a cute present :-)