Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

It seems you went from this:
to this:
in just the blink of an eye! And what an adventure that blink has been. Since we ended last year's post with your 13th birthday, I figured this year I'd look for fun pictures from your high school years.

Here are the first ones I found:
Do you think maybe you were annoyed with a mom who wouldn't stop taking pictures? I think that's typical for most teenagers!

That's really not the Jeff I remember, though, and fortunately, there were plenty of pictures with your trademark smile and enthusiasm shining through them.
On top of the world!
(Shenandoah 2005)
I love the stories behind each of these pictures!
2006 - Eagle Scout!
2007 - Wrestling was a big part of high school!
2008 - seminary seniors - what a great bunch of kids!
2008 - High School Graduation
Before you knew it, you were an adult and off to college. And now you're just about ready to be finished with that stage of your life. You've laid a great foundation for the future; keep it up!

Some of the things we remember fondly are your willingness to work hard and tackle difficult projects.
That quality hasn't changed either! Would you rather be climbing a ladder or digging a huge pit?

Your infectious smile and boundless enthusiasm for life definitely hasn't changed.  We hope it never will!
1995 and 2013
There weren't too many actual "birthday" pictures in this post, but we can't leave without sending you a virtual birthday cake!
Sorry we won't be there to help you celebrate, but we hope you enjoy a wonderful day anyway.
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Here are the links to last year's post and one from even earlier, if someone wants to look at more pictures of our wonderful Jeff through the years.

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