Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tied Rag Garland - An Easy Craft

Over the years we've discovered several easy crafts which make fun projects for kids to do, although actually the one I'm spotlighting today was done by adults. But I'm sure children could do it as well, and it would be a great activity to help pre-schoolers learn to tie knots!

You can find a couple of tutorials here and here, but basically you just cut strips of fabric (vary the length and width according to the look you want) and tie them onto either twine or a strand of lights. You'll notice that one of these links was a birthday garland and the other was for a patriotic themed Christmas tree. The possibilities really are endless.

Here's the first one I did years ago during a Relief Society craft night. It was too long ago to remember how much fabric I needed, so sorry about that, but it is a great way to use up scraps. For this project we also painted wooden stocking shapes and added them to the garland.

We tried a very similar project, this time using tulle strips and a strand of lights, last year as part of our "girls' night" at Thanksgiving. Isn't it amazing how different they look for being essentially the same project?
What are some of your favorite simple crafting decorating projects? (Hmm, do I need some commas in there?)

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Elizabeth said...

I made a really easy grapevine wreath two years ago that was surprisingly simple and beautiful. A blank grapevine wreath, three stems of fake florals (inclduing copper poinsettias, pine cones and evergreen, and some gold berries), a hot glue gun, and just 20 minutes to glue everything on. It came out way better than I expected.