Sunday, September 15, 2013

Old Family Photos

It's time for another Family Proclamation Celebration!

This year the first post is supposed to be Instagram photos of ancestors. Well, I don't do Instagram, but I can scan pictures. The second one was featured in a blog-post a few years ago, but I think the other ones are new. (However, they're in the same envelope in my files.) These are from my grandmother's adopted family. Frank was her father, Anna was her mother, Helen was her biological sister who was also adopted, Marjorie and Dickie are the younger siblings she grew up with, Alan and Tom were her nephews, Norman was her grandfather, Jack was her uncle, and Robert was her cousin. Did I get them all?
Frank Ward Lewis - World War I
Anna Scranton Lewis, with children Helen, Dorothy, Marjorie, Dickie - 1930s
Grandmother Anna Lewis - 3 month old Judi (my mother) - summer 1942
Alan Ward Weiss - first birthday - 1943
Alan and Tom Weiss - late 1940s

Norman Scranton - great-grandfather, Jack Scranton - grandfather, Robert Scranton - father,
boys Junior and Gary - 1946

I don't have too many stories to add to this, but the dates tell us Dick was killed in a car crash at a young age (late teenager), and so was Alan (early 20's). I guess our family ought to be careful when driving!

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Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Lots of fun family photos to look at! I love seeing how hairstyles and clothing has changed over the years.