Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hawaii - Day 7

Tuesday we took the drive to the North Shore, doing a portion of the Kalalua Trail before lunch and swimming in Hanalei Bay afterwards. What a beautiful part of the island!
David loves coming around the curve in the road here onto the bridge over a stream and seeing all the gorgeous tress poking up.
Getting ready for our hike! The newborn set up shop with his mom on the beach and waited for the rest of us. Smart decision.
From the viewpoint at the 1/4 mile distance.
After another 1/4 mile we came to the next stopping place. I was disappointed that the view of the Napali Coast wasn't more clear. And it was windy and crowded, but I'm still glad we went.
On the return hike - still gorgeous views!
When the water's so close, you just have to walk along the shoreline for a bit!
Wayne went quite a bit further than Evelyn, and even saw a sleeping monk seal.
We went far enough to catch another view of the Napali Coast, this time from sea level. It's pretty majestic.
Tired two-year-old!
Next stop - Hanalei Bay -
where we enjoyed a yummy picnic lunch, some exploring,
some swimming,
and some more swimming and relaxing!
Wayne was looking for a fresh coconut all week long. He finally found one. However, it wasn't ripe enough and was way too slimy to actually eat. So once we were home, I got one at the grocery store. One of the days we'll crack it open and see if it's any better!
Last "adventure" for the day - driving through the tunnel of trees a few miles from their home. It was a great day.

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