Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are Men or Women Better Drivers?

We came across this gem while going through the "save to make scrapbooks some day" boxes.  I laughed so hard I cried, and wanted the rest of you to have that wonderful experience. This was David's answer to an English journal prompt when he was a junior in high school.

Journal #14 - Who are better drivers?  Men or women?  Please support your answer with specific details.

Of course I'm not going to admit that women are better drivers.  Actually I can't admit it since it's not true.  I think men are better drivers.  Men are more capable of controlling a machine.  My mom, the female I'm most accustomed to driving with, can't drive.  In her younger days, she was involved in several accidents which involved only one car and some poles which were cemented in place.  How can you crash into something that doesn't move?  How can you do that more than once?  Must be that women are bad drivers.  I may not be a driver that obeys speed limits but I am still a skilled driver.  I have never been in any accidents.  I have had no tickets.  I maintain control of the vehicle and give my passengers a smooth or rough ride according to my mood.  Women give you a rough ride no matter what.  Smooth driving isn't a skill that they have.
We had many fun adventures when the car wasn't in the shop getting repaired!
I wonder how he would answer it now?  Especially since he couldn't truthfully state "I have never been in any accidents" any more.  I readily admit that I have backed into poles on two separate occasions.  The first time I was on automatic pilot backing out of our apartment parking spot where the pole is normally on the left side.  However, someone (probably David!) left their bike in our assigned spot, so I had parked in the neighbor's where the pole was on the right side, and consequently turned the wheel the wrong direction.  The second time was even more embarrassing because I backed into a light pole in the middle of an empty parking lot, in front of a crowd of spectators.  It's a good thing I've gotten over those two accidents, although driving will never be on my list of top ten fun activities!


Dave said...

Had I known this document would go public I may have been a little more careful about what I wrote. I'm glad I was able to provide the good kind of tears.

And to answer your question, I know good and bad drivers of both genders.

Meg said...

Too funny!

Belkycita said...

Oh that was too funny.
Well he has a country (the one I'm in) that backs him up completely!

I used to be accident free until I got my tire stuck on some little Camry's bumper.
His fault, he was texting.