Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Visiting Babylon

I guess I'm a little behind, so maybe as I get caught up I'll post-date the posts so I can find them again.  Anyway, last Saturday's excursion was to attend SunFest.  We went last year (because it was on the list of things to do in Palm Beach County) and had a nice time, but decided we didn't need to experience it again.  However, we were given some free tickets and thought it was worth another visit.  Basically it's an arts and music festival held downtown.  For the most part, I enjoyed exploring the art booths, but the music wasn't "real" music.  (Some may disagree, and that's okay.)  It's definitely an experience, and that's all I'll say about that.  Here are some of the pictures we took; you can decide if it's something you would enjoy!

Wayne likes classic rock 'n roll.  He had a great time, particularly since we learned from last year and brought our own chairs for comfortable seating.
Part of the free tickets included an upgrade to the "hospitality" area where the crowds weren't quite as large and there were plenty of cold water bottles available for us.
After a week of torrential rain, it was a delight to spend the day in the sun.
It was nice just to be able to spend time together!
We had a pretty decent view of the "biggest paint party in the world" show.  I'm still confused as to why anyone would pay money to have someone spray paint on them, and even more confused as to why they would wait hours jumping up and down, listening to loud non-music (honestly, how can you have music with no melody, just a constant techno-beat) for the privilege.  (You can read more about it here if you've never heard of this activity before.
On our walk back to the parking lot, we discovered a new historical site.  Someday we'll have to go back to read the sign!
In spite of the negative opinions expressed here, we really did have a nice day.  I'm just positive I'll enjoy next Saturday's trip to the temple a lot more.

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