Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Graduation Trip - Thursday's Commencement

The purpose of our quick trip - Brad's graduation from BYU with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.  He did it!
Notice the electronic devices being used as "keep me from being bored while I wait" tools, for all ages.
Elder L. Tom Perry was the guest speaker, and he had some excellent advice for the graduates.  Go here to read a summary of his talk on setting proper priorities.
I didn't get a really good picture, but he did participate in the tradition of ringing the bell after commencement.
Cody was a wonderfully supportive wife!  Congratulations go to her as well :)
Brooke was so patient during the long ceremony!
The rest of the family was pretty patient as well.
Playing a fun game with Uncle Paul - "It's your cap, not mine!"

I just had to include this picture of such a creative way to give money.  If you google "money lei" you can find lots of pictures and tutorials.  This one seemed helpful. Basically you're making dollar bill rosettes and then stringing them with spacers of some sort.  I like these wooden beads.

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