Monday, April 8, 2013

Sometimes It Works, and Sometimes It Doesn't

or "More failures and successes with Google and/or Pinterest."

A while ago, I came across this idea and thought it would be perfect as a treat for our "March Madness" activity in seminary.
basketball cookies
Fortunately, the idea came a few weeks before I would need it, which gave me time to gather supplies.  You need Vanilla Wafers, a black edible marker and frosting.  When I stopped by the craft store, the black marker was only available in a jumbo pack.  It wasn't worth the cost, especially since I had left my coupon at home, but since I was planning ahead, I was able to order a two-pack online and not stress over having it arrive in time.
This was pretty easy - just draw the basketball design on the cookie.  I did turn them into sandwich cookies like the original, but they looked just as cute singly.
Warning: You may have to deal with the disappointment of there being no chocolate taste.
The prizes were also ideas from somebody else - probably a visiting teaching handout.  I used Word (with WordArt and clip art) to make the graphics for the tags.  For some I just wrapped the paper around an individual mini candy bar.  Others I placed in a bag first.  The last one is a strip of cardstock folded to make a triangle.  I taped some candy to the base, then punched holes at the top to tie it shut.  Thank you Relief Society!

In a phone call with my sister, she mentioned that when they go to the local Thai restaurant, she always orders something called "Chicken in a Bird's Nest."  Wayne loves Thai, and that sounded delicious, so I gathered ingredients, searched for a recipe and gave it a try for dinner that week.
The aroma as it cooked was wonderfully fragrant!  However, the noodles just wouldn't turn crispy, and when we actually ate it, the taste was super bland.  I don't know what happened, but we're not keeping that recipe!  Anyone have a good one to share?

This pin - Re-grow Romaine Lettuce Hearts - looked intriguing, and since it wasn't going to cost me a cent, I decided to give it a try.  According to the site, all I had to do was stick the end of my  lettuce in a container of water, so I did.  Here's what mine looked like a few days later:
I think we'll stick with buying lettuce for now, but I'm not giving up on this gardening thing!

Finally, this beautiful centerpiece caught my attention.  Tulips and jelly beans - super simple.
I never did get around to checking the cupboard to see if we had a ribbon.  (I didn't want to buy one if it wasn't necessary.)  I also wasn't thrilled about sticking real tulips into the jelly beans, so I got fake ones.  I noticed just now that there's a container inside the container.  Oh, well.  It was still a beautiful, cheery centerpiece for Easter.  
And I get to experiment to see if the jelly beans store well and will work next year.  Help me remember to let you know!


MichelleW said...

Don't you still have a few rolls of clearance Easter ribbon that is still unopened?

Tristan said...

My kids regrew romaine last year - they just planted it directly into our garden and watered faithfully. It was interesting!

{leah} said...

Ok, This has nothing to do with this post... even though I love the basketball cookies!

I read your post over at Chocolate on my Cranium, and LOVED it!!

I am a mom of 5 boys, 9 down to 2 months. And reading your profile pretty much described me. I am a lot of things but I too am never board. I loved the pictures you posted over at Cocoa's blog of your family growing up. I loved seeing the pictures of your boys. And the handsome men that they grew into. I guess sometimes it's hard to see the big picture when you are into the day to day things. But I try to remember that although I have boys now they will be men, and I need to remember to give them a good base to build from. I loved seeing the pictures of the boys' and their wives and your family in front of the temple. I hope to have that picture someday too.

Anyways, I feel like you are me a few years in the future... and it is a bright one. Thank you!!

~leah :)

Dave said...

I have yet to master Thai food in any way, though I do highly recommend this Indian dish:
If you add all the spices it is definitely not lacking in flavor.