Friday, March 8, 2013

Parks Around Town

Last Saturday there was time for a picnic at the park, and we decided to go even if it was a bit windy and chilly.  A few other people had the same idea, and we saw several birthday parties in progress at this delightful little park aimed for children.  Maybe some day we'll go back, with some little people who might appreciate the playground more.
Since we were nearing the end of the list of parks, we decided to drive by the remaining ones to see if they had picnic facilities or not.

They didn't.  One was just a softball field, and the other looked like a giant parking lot (with maybe a soccer field or two).
I guess that means we're done with picnics in the park for a while, at least until we come up with another system for choosing where to go.  However, we also know the best parks to take any visitors who want to come and play!

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Meg said...

That park looks so fun! I hope we can come enjoy it sometime!