Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finishing up February

I'm trying to clean out the February "My Pictures" folder and noticed several pictures that I haven't shared yet, so here you go.  It was a busy month!

We'll start with the cuties.  They're growing up so fast!!
For seminary on Valentine's Day we ate food (the donuts were successful, even if they didn't look the best) and played Scripture Mastery Bingo with conversation heart markers.  It was a fun morning.
One of the light bulbs in the stairway/entry burned out.  Jeff isn't around to replace it, so Wayne had to.  We're documenting it so we remember where to place the ladder the next time it happens, which hopefully won't be for a very long time!
Sometime between Christmas and New Year's we noticed our Christmas lights weren't turning on.  Since the holiday was past, I didn't think too much of it, but once things settled down we realized none of our outdoor outlets were working.  Nothing we tried fixed the problem, so we called an electrician to come help.  He couldn't get them working, but he did mention something which gave us another idea.  We finally isolated the problem to a short between two of the outlets.  That meant four out of five were working once again, but we wanted the fifth one to work as well.
Brilliant Wayne figured out a way for that to happen - by drilling a hole from the outside to the inside, adding the outside outlet to the living room circuit.  Easier said than done (you try drilling through rebar infested solid concrete), but at least we'll be able to plug in the Christmas lights next year!
He doesn't have a problem actually finishing his projects, and you'd never know there was a hole in the wall a few weeks ago!
Our ward decided that the annual Memorial Day picnic wasn't as much fun as it could be because the weather was too hot, so this year they moved it to February to be a President's Day picnic.  Then people were concerned it was going to be rained out!  However, the storm cleared and it was a gorgeous day, and definitely not too hot!
After the picnic, we drove down to see if we'd be able to take a hike the next Monday, and were greeted with this sign at the starting point.  I guess we'll have to wait for the construction to be finished.  (Instead of hiking, we went to the beach.)
February was also a busy month for Elder Whitaker.  All of the missionaries in Angola got together for a conference, where they were taught by President Kretly (their mission president) and Elder Cook (a counselor in the area presidency).  President Kretly even went with Steven and his companion to visit one of their investigators, which is how we got a picture of them walking down that alley.  He's doing great and loves being a missionary.  We're just happy that he's happy!
And I think that's everything!  At least for now.

Oops, I forgot another park visit!

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