Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Saturday Afternoon Date

Last year we paid money to attend the American International Fine Art Festival held in West Palm Beach.  We enjoyed our visit greatly, and were happy to be able to cross it off the bucket list, but we weren't planning on attending ever again.  However, this year they emailed us complimentary tickets.  We decided it would make a nice inexpensive date, so off we went.

It was a nice little escape and we saw some beautiful art pieces.

Claude Monet - Église de Varengeville, effet matinal

That one was a mere $2,750,000.  This next one had a $5,000,000 price tag.  I'll stick to just looking at them on someone else's wall.
Claude Monet - Promenade sur la Falaise 
Our favorite stop was the Fabergé booth.  In particular, I liked the distinctive "egg" pendants, and discovered that they've come out with an even smaller size which I really liked. (The white one below, but in black, was the one I got to try on).  However, the price tag isn't quite small enough yet, so we'll continue to enjoy the necklaces from a distance.

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