Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another Saturday - The Project

We discovered over Christmas break that the guest shower had issues.  Once the company was gone, it was time to tackle the repair.  First step is to gather the tools, then remove the fixtures.  It's nice to have a husband who is confident in his plumbing abilities, yet I was still stressed over the whole thing.  I wasn't expecting it to turn into such a major project, nor to have the water turned off for most of the day!

All we really needed was a new cartridge to replace the worn out one; however, the fixture itself was pretty old and spotted, and the individual parts were more expensive than a new faucet, so we bought a new one. Once we got the box home, though, and opened it, we discovered the the cartridge was already installed in the pipe fitting, and no way we were going to replace the whole thing inside the wall.  So, back to the store we went (but after taking time for a picnic lunch.)

The wonderful employee at Ace Hardware told us about this apparently amazing product to get rid of the water spots on the old faucet and handle.
It worked!  So Wayne installed the replacement cartridge and put everything back together with the old fixtures.
Now we're ready for guests again.  And this time when you shower you can have hot water AND decent water pressure at the same time! 
For future reference, our faucet is a Moen, model Chateau L2353. It takes a 1222 or 1222B cartridge. I learned that the "B" stands for "bulk" and they're interchangeable.

Another Saturday - The Picnic

Our picnic got rained out a couple of times, so our parents weren't able to enjoy it with us while visiting, however we finally had a sunny Saturday and drove on over to Buttonwood Park.  It was great to be able to relax for a bit in the middle of our plumbing project.
It's a beautiful, pleasant park and we had a great time.
We brought our own mini grill and enjoyed a delicious late lunch.
Wasn't it gorgeous?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Challenge for My Children

Another Installment in Family Home Evening Ideas
or Memorable Monday Moments

It's been a while since I've written a family night post, and technically this thought came AFTER family night, but it wouldn't have happened unless we had the family night lesson we did last night. Are you thoroughly confused yet?

Anyway, for our lesson last night we read the article about Lorenzo Snow in the January Ensign.  As we read the next-to-last paragraph, I thought there was some good advice there to share with seminary students (about the personal effort involved in learning), and I left the magazine open on the counter so I wouldn't forget to add it to some lesson.

When I re-read that paragraph this afternoon, it was another sentence that caught my attention:

“Each last day or each last week should be the best that we have ever experienced, that is, we should advance ourselves a little every day, in knowledge and wisdom, and in the ability to accomplish good.”

And since there wasn't much else to do except think while pulling weeds this afternoon, that's what I did.  Is this week the "best ever" of my life?  If not, what do I need to do to make it that way?

Remember how at the end of 2011 we shared our most memorable day of the year with each other? Mine was Father's Day, which included Jeff giving his mission report in Sacrament Meeting and Steven being ordained an elder.  How could each of my "yesterdays" compete with a day like that to earn "best day ever" status?  And I realized that really they could.

President Snow suggested daily efforts to advance in knowledge and wisdom and the ability to do good.  Memories are wonderful, and just thinking about the so-called "Best Day Evers" of my life brings back the same good feelings that made them wonderful days.  I can use those recollections as springboards to planning future events which will then earn that status.  More importantly, I can daily strive to feel the Spirit and serve others.  Then even "ordinary" days can be wonderful.

So my challenge to you is to make each day the best day.  I know you can do it!

Extra challenge: come up with how the following pictures could relate to the post.
grass full of weeds
weed-free grass
bucket of weeds ready to be discarded

Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year's Day - Florida Style

This year we decided to celebrate New Year's Day by going to the beach.  Fortunately we were able to convince the dad that we didn't need to arrive in time for the sunrise.  It was a touch breezy and overcast, but delightfully warm.
Carlin Park in Jupiter was the next beach on the list, so that's where we went.  And in order for it to be crossed off the list, Wayne had to actually go swimming, so he did.  The rest of us just enjoyed the water from a little distance.  (Some of us got our toes wet, but that's about it.)
The plan was to have lunch at the Lazy Loggerhead Café on the premises, but it was closed for the holiday.

So, instead, we tried the chicken wings at the Buffalo Wild Wings which had recently opened near our house, something Jeff had wanted to do for a while.  (For the record, the food was average at best, and the service was pretty slow, but I didn't have to cook or clean up, and we had a wonderful time together.)
I realize we're a couple of weeks (okay, three) into the new year, but we still want to wish you a very Happy New Year's!  Hope it's a wonderful one.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to You, Dear Jeff!

Today is Jeff's birthday.  It's been a while since we've spotlighted him in a blogpost, so I figured it was time to do that!  (Here's his last birthday post.)  Anyway, I pulled out the photo albums and started scanning away, because I know you're all dying to see these!

Happy First Birthday!  Jeff's always been a happy kid.  (Sorry about the rash, but that was part of his life then.)
Happy Second Birthday!  Somebody chose a bunny cake.  Don't you love all the striped shirts?
And then I got distracted looking at all of the many facial expressions that got captured in the photo album.  Here are some of them.
 And here are a few more.
Just recently we were reminiscing about Jeff's poor "bike" that had the handlebars installed backwards.  Hopefully that hasn't scarred you for life!
Not all of the facial expressions were happy ones.  And I still remember this family night field trip, taken when Steven was a week old.  Still recovering from childbirth and in quite a bit of pain myself, I can totally relate with how Jeff was feeling!  Fortunately, the painful memories subside and the pleasant ones remain.
This picture captures the majority of my "Jeff's early life" memories - complete with the koolaid mustache.
Time passed by this morning and I realized I still have other things on the to-do list, so I jumped forward about ten years.  This was our family trip to Palmyra with the cousins, and I could still find a myriad of facial expressions coming from Jeff.
Happy 13th Birthday!  What a handsome young man!!
And you're still a very handsome young man.  If your sisters will take some pictures and send them to me, we can add your "Happy 23rd Birthday" picture.  
Here it is!  23 Candles!!
Hope you're having a wonderful day!  We love you!!!