Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day #3 - Now the Pantry is Really Done

The last time I wrote about the pantry - here - was to mention that the shelves were complete and the middle of my kitchen was empty once again.  However, we still needed to install the door.  We did that three weeks ago. And then we added one more little shelf at the top (which is still empty - but the perfect size for Costco spice containers).
The final step was to replace the floor molding, because we chose a different type of door than we previously had.  This morning I finally filled in the few inches of grout, and now that project is really, truly, officially DONE! 
And I love it!


Meg said...

I like what you decided to do for the door. It looks great!

Delirious said...

Looks great! Everyone needs a large pantry. Too bad many home builders don't think to add one.