Friday, October 21, 2011

Shopping is Exhausting!

But it is a lot more enjoyable with someone along to keep you company!
Candy for the trick-or-treaters - check!
Pumpkins for the porch - check!
Supplies for a costume - check!
Won't she be adorable? I think I'm beginning to get a little excited about Halloween after all. Have a wonderful week preparing!

Oh, and we even got a couple of Christmas presents - BONUS!!


Melissa said...

I sure hope you didn't lose Wayne's google eyes in the move! lol

Elizabeth said...

Shopping IS exhausting! And now that we've gathered the essentials for our new place, I've had enough for a while! But looking at your list-- we forgot the pumpkin to carve!

Shauna said...

She will be soooo adorable. What a great costume idea! I need to finish up Halloween preparations today. Thanks for the reminder

momstheword said...

Shopping with my friends is exhausting to me. I just want to get in and get out and get it over with, and they like to look at everything. So I don't usually go with them, lol!

Thanks, I'm feeling better and just waiting for the cough to go away.