Monday, November 22, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude - Day #22

Today I am thankful for the gift of sight, and for the beautiful world in which we live. There are so many amazing things, some created by man, and some definitely not. Last week on my walk I noticed some red berries just beginning to peek out from the leaves on a couple of trees. I think it was a sign that the holidays are just around the corner.This is an aerial shot of outside Copenhagen, Denmark. I wonder if my great-great-great-great grandparents ever envisioned living someplace like this! And I needed an excuse to share this incredible picture taken by Michelle with Steven's help. (It's a popped - see the scissor points - water balloon - that's the green piece - before the water disperses.)Seeing these pictures once again, reminds me of the scripture in Moses 6:63 that tells us everything points to the Savior. One of our favorite family night lessons is to just take ordinary objects and find that connection. He truly is in everything. (For one example, review the post when we played BOGGLE - Boggle FHE. Another time we had a very effective seminary lesson where we found connections to a Gatorade bottle, the kleenex box and a pencil.) It's always a little bit easier to be grateful when I remember that everything I see reminds me that God is in charge. Have a great week!

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