Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WFMW - Mom, I'm Bored

Works for Me Wednesday
Helping prevent summer boredom

Even though it's still finals week, we're already into our summer schedule, which means there's not a lot of time for blogging. And since the theme for June's "first week post" is "Mom, I'm bored!" I'm linking to an old post: Summer 2003.

First of all, you know that the words "I'm bored" aren't really allowed in our house. There are just too many new and exciting things to learn and do. After all, that's why we were sent to earth! However, planning ahead is what works for me in helping our children have fun and be productive. Remember you can find hundreds of ideas for things to do this summer at We are THAT Family! Have a great summer!!

Some of the ideas I liked and want to be able to find again:

Toy Freezing

77 Boredom Busters

50 Things to Do


chili pepper said...

Hi, Becky.

Thanks for stopping by Arts Chili Pepper.

I am surprised at how many comments and emails I got echoeing my feelings of the I'M Bored phrase. As I was writing it, I was so worked up about the whole thing...I felt scattered and disconnected in my writing. That is how I am when I feel strongly about mind races a million miles a minute.

Anyway, afterwards, I thought...oh, people might be offended if I imply that they are doing something wrong in child training if their kids are bored.

And then God spoke to my heart and reminded me that speaking the truth is my job, and that it is not always the popular opinion. And that most of all our job is to bring honor to Him. And part of that is exhorting others to do better.

So I published it anyway. And boy, what a suprise. Many people, like yourself, have said the same thing! A collective yes.

Thanks for your words. This is my first time at your blog and I look forward to checking things out and getting to know you and your family a bit.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you commented on my blog. I loved reading your profile info because we sound so much alike! Except for the gardening (which I will take up when we have a yard) we love doing all the same things! I love to learn and can get enough of it!

Alicia said...

My friend made an "I'm Bored" jar, and inside are slips of papers w/ activities on them for things to do when they say that! So, once they're bored, they reach in, grab a paper, and it could even say something like, "Clean your room." LOL!